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Adrian Testimotial

"Full professionalism. I learned interesting things and confirmed what I thought about myself. Great preparation and knowledge! I am impressed with the iris analysis! I recommend Sylwia in 100%!"

Witold Testimotial

“I didn't know you could learn so much about yourself from your eyes. Very professional. Cordially - I recommend! "

Agnes Testimotial

Sylwia was professional and well prepared for the appointment. She provided me with a few pieces of advices on how I can improve my health. Her analysis of my iris was very interesting and informative. She was very friendly and I can recommend her service to anyone who is interested in this alternative way of diagnosing health issues.

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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions

Herbalists are also called herbal practitioners or licenses herbalists. They are specifically trained in the field of herbal medicine. They usually use natural substances or plants so as to promote healing, improve health, treat and prevent illness.

There are many instances in which herbs and pharmaceutical drugs work well together. However, in some situations, there can be negative interactions. Some herbs, like St John’s Wort, cannot be taken along with certain other medicines.

There is no definitive answer because so many variables will influence the duration of treatment. Our biological makeup is as unique as our medical histories and bodies heal at differing rates.

It is very important that all healthcare professionals responsible for your care are fully informed about the herbs and medications you are taking, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements. This is important to avoid possible herbal / drug / supplement / food interactions.

The primary focus of the herbalist is to treat people as individuals irrespective of the disease or condition they have, and to stimulate their innate healing power through the use of such interventions as herbs, diet, and lifestyle.

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